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What is a Podiatrist?

Podiatry is a medical speciality of allied health care in which the Podiatrist treat the feet specifically. The Podiatrist diagnoses and treats all medical problems involving the feet.

They treat skin and nail problems of the feet and prescribe orthotics to correct stance and walking problems. They assist with foot, ankle and knee pain, sports injuries and ingrown nails. The also play a critical role in managing patients foot care who have Diabetes, preventing and managing wound care and ulcers.

A foot problem can be a serious problem as it may restrict our mobility and quality of life. The foot contains 25% of the bones in the human body. It’s a complicated mechanism that enables us to remain active and move throughout our life, which is why the field is so specialised and why podiatrists are educated separately from other doctors.

Common Foot Problems in Australia

Minor foot problems tend to arise during the summer months when our feet are often exposed and take some abuse due to the hot, dry weather. Thongs and sandals are popularly worn during the summer. This footwear is can result in some minor foot problems.

The dry air can leave your skin dehydrated and prone to cracking. This is most noticeable on the heels. Stay well hydrated during the summer and wear enclosed shoes if you notice your heels beginning to crack.

The low heels on thongs and sandals also don’t offer much padding and you may be more active during the summer. If your lower legs and feet ache after a day of activity, you may need to ensure your feet are properly aligned and supported.

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