Our Cardiology Specialists in North Lakes

Most people know that a cardiologist deals treats patients with problems of the heart, but not everyone knows that if you’re having problems with your circulatory system, you will likely be referred to a cardiologist as well.

The major blood vessels of the body as well as the heart are all considered parts of the circulatory system. Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine. Cardiologists perform medical diagnostic tasks and treatment of heart related issues including: congenital heart defects, heart failure, valvular heart disease and coronary artery disease such as arteriosclerosis and.

Cardiac electrophysiology is another are of specialisation of the cardiologist. This is the science of diagnosing and treating problems of the heart through interpreting its electrical activities. Implantation of pacemakers and programmed electrical stimulation are just two of the more well-known examples of cardiac electrophysiology.

Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand

This society is the professional body for cardiologists, cardiovascular nurses, researchers, scientists and other healthcare workers in the field of cardiology in Australia and New Zealand.

Their central role is that of an advocacy group for this particular field of medicine. The society facilitates training and professional development within the two countries and ensures that those practicing cardiology provide a high standard of care.


Dr Emma Ivens

Dr Emma Ivens graduated from Monash University in 1997 with first class honours and completed her physician and cardiology training at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Ivens has also completed a post graduate echocardiography fellowship at the Prince Charles Hospital, University of Queensland, followed by a further year of specialised training in advanced echocardiology at St Paul’s Hospital. University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada.